About Jonathan Hillert

Architect and President of Houston-based L&T Development, LLC, Jonathan Hillert, is responsible for establishing a nonprofit organization that will enable families in low income communities in Houston, Texas, to own homes. Jonathan Hillert has also formed an organization that will help farmers by producing low-priced diesel fuel. Mr. Hillert has participated in volunteer relief operations in Mississippi and Louisiana by rehabilitating homes that were damaged by hurricane Katrina. He has also donated to organizations that promote cancer awareness.

Jonathan Hillert’s experience in building design and construction spans more than 20 years. His company, L&T Development, is based in Houston and specializes in custom designing and building single family homes. The company has finished 20 major housing projects in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas. The firm is known to construct and sell houses ranging from 3000 to 4000 square feet. A hands-on professional, Jonathan Hillert manages the company’s functions such as coordination of construction activities, ordering materials, accounting, permits, and marketing.

Aside from building single family residences, Jonathan Hillert’s company also constructs or remodels condominiums. The company has built the Sawyer Gardens condominium development as well as undertaken remodeling at condominium developments in Adams Street and Nina Avenue in Chicago.

Jonathan Hillert’s business also constructs or remodels buildings for commercial and educational purposes. The company built the Sharp Electronics building in Romeoville, Illinois, and developed the master plan for the Town Square complex in Whiting, Indiana. The company’s educational projects include the expansion and remodeling of several elementary schools in Chicago.


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